The Northwest Conservatives endorse Mark Napier For Pima County Sheriff


July 10, 2016

The Northwest Conservatives endorse candidate Mark Napier for Pima County Sheriff. Mark has a diverse law enforcement experience that makes him uniquely qualified for this office. Beginning his service career as an officer, he rose to Captain within the Tucson Police Department and eventually moved to the Glendale Police Department as Assistant Director.

He has worked successfully with state and federal law enforcement agencies and this experience will be critical in fighting the crime Pima County faces with drug trafficking, illegal immigration and terrorism.

He has a fresh stance on abolishing the departmental cronyism and declining morale.

Mark has stated that he understands, and will faithfully execute, this role as a constitutional sheriff to protect and defend his citizens from all enemies both foreign and domestic. The sheriff is the only elected law enforcement official in America and acts as the last line of defense for his citizens.

The Northwest Conservatives recommend that all voters make Mark their choice for Pima County Sheriff in 2016.

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