2014 PRIMARY ENDORSEMENTS from The Northwest Conservatives

The Northwest Conservatives take “endorsing” a candidate very seriously.
Our Members are conservative grass root individuals in southern Arizona who want to make certain their vote will make a difference in the upcoming 2014 primary election this August.
Countless hours are spent researching the candidates. We send out questionnaires, organize and attend meetings and whenever possible talk to each candidate in an endeavor to discover which Candidates represent the true CONSERVATIVE values of our members.
Our priority issues are Illegal Immigration & Border Security, Stop Common Core in our schools, Fiscal Responsibility, Accountability of Elected Officials, Less Taxation and to Eliminate Obama Care.
The following is the list of Candidates we have endorsed for the 2014 Republican primary:
Arizona Governor: Frank Riggs
     Attorney General: Mark Brnovicvh
     Secretary of State: Justin Pierce
     Treasurer: Jeff Dewitt
     Superintendent of Public Instruction: Diane Douglas
     (2) Corporation Commission (vote for 2)
                          Doug Little
                          Tom Forese
Congressional District 1: Adam Kwasman
Congressional District 2: Chuck Wooten
Congressional District 3: Gabby Mercer
Legislative District 11:
                   Senator: Steve Smith
                    (2) Representatives (vote for 2)
                                    Mark Finchem
                                    Vince Leach
Justice of the Peace Precinct 1: Adam Watters

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